Fabrics change with fashion trends, but the bottom line is, you have to love it because you’ll be the one living with it.

When picking a fabric be aware of the following:

Use of the furniture and use of the room

Fabrics are classified ranging from Light Domestic to Heavy Commercial through to Outdoor. Some uses are very obvious – selecting a fade resistant/water resistant fabric for your outdoor bench seat makes much more sense than selecting velvet. When it comes to your indoor furniture, the fabric chosen for your formal lounge will vary to that selected for a high traffic family dining suite. The basis of these classifications is durability ie. how many ‘rubs’ the fabric can withstand. You will see these usage classifications noted when searching for fabrics online or in store. If in doubt, ask.

The colour in the room and the amount of light in the room

The wall colour in a room, or the colour of window coverings can cast a hue across the room and alter the appearance of fabric. We recommend taking a sample home and viewing it in situ, to be sure.